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Western Virginia Campaign Autumn, 1861                          Location Photos
Proximate site of Big Creek Battle on Sept 3, 1861
(present day Chimney Corners)- photo taken from Rt 60 looking south towards New River); first significant battle the 26th Ohio was engaged in
Cotton Hill- taken from Rt 16 Bridge over New River, looking north; Battle took place Sept. 3, 1861
Cotton Mountain- photo taken from Rt 60 across the New River just east of Gauley Bridge, looking south
Fayette County Courthouse- Fayetteville; December, 1861- Col Rutherford B Hayes led a scouting expedition of 26th OVI to Fayetteville; the 26th Ohio encamped just outside of town.  Later that month, the 26th Ohio was part of an expedition to Raleigh Courthouse  ( present day Beckley) to further secure the area under Union control.
Early January, 1862, the 26th Ohio was ordered transferred to Kentucky.
Hillside on northwest edge of Gauley Bridge- likely location of Union Camp- Gauley River is in foreground just as it joins the New River to become the Kanawha River; Camp was fired on Nov. 1-3, 1861 by Floyd's Troops positioned on Cotton Mountain across the New River
Remaining Limestone Base of Bridge that spanned Gauley River at Gauley Bridge during the Civil War- looking northwest from the New River. Bridge wad burned by retreating Confederates in late July, 1861,  and was rebuilt by Union Forces, and then burned down again
Another view of the remaining limestone base of the Civil War Bridge at Gauley River- looking east across the Gauley River from the town of Gauley Bridge- the New River is to the right.
Original Lewisburg Turnpike Road used by both armies in moving towards Sewell Mountain- just east of Spy Rock
Likely location of 26th Ohio Camp located at junction of the LewisburgTurnpike  ( present day Rt 60) and Rich Creek on the west side of present day Ansted. Location based on 1861 map in Civil War in Fayette County, WVa.
Spy Rock, located east of Lookout, WVa.Looking west- Rt 60 is to right edge of photo
Sewell Mountain barely visible in the Distance- photo taken from on top of Spy Rock, looking east- Lewisburg Turnpike
( Rt 60 ) is in the foreground
Southern Section of Sewell Mountain in the distance- photo taken from Armstrong Ridge
( where Union Forces were positioned)
Spy Rock Camp- likely location of 26th OVI camp on Sept 16, 1861 while enroute to Sewell Mountain- Spy Rock is to the left ( east) edge of photo; Rt 60 is in the foreground
                 Spy Rock Marker 
Big Creek Battle Site- Sept 3, 1861; location is approximately 1 mile from the New River and Cotton Hill.
Armstrong Ridge ( where Union Forces were positioned in front of Sewell Mountain)- photo taken from on top of Sewell Mtn, looking west
The 26th Ohio began its service in the mountains of Western Virginia in the fall of 1861.  These photos were taken where they likely were engaged or encamped. Source of info are the various Western Virginia campaign references listed in Selected References.
Robert E Lee's Tree-under a tree at this site Gen Lee camped during his army's stay on Sewell Mountain during the Western Virginia campaign.  Also, at this site, is where he was presented with his famed horse, Traveller.  The original tree was cut down by Daughters of the Confederacy for souvenirs in the 1930s. Location is about halfway up Sewell Mountain, about 2/10 mile from Rt 60.
Horseshoe Bend , New River Gorge; Photo taken from Grandview State Park Overlook, looking northwest