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Stones River Battlefield Location Photos and Map
Mc Fadden's Ford on Stones River- looking south- This is the 26th OVI's initial position the night before the battle on 12/31/62.  This was the extreme north and left flank of the Union Army. General Rosecran's  Plan was to attack across the river at this position the morning of the 31st, however, General Bragg and the Confederate forces beat the Union at the punch and began their attack at the extreme south flank approximately 2 miles due south.  The inital success of the Confederate attack  necessitated the realignment of troops into a defensive position, and as a part of this realignment, the 26th OVI was moved south 1 mile to defend the Nashville Pike at an area known as the Round Forest.
26th OVI position at Round Forest, looking northeast. The Round Forest is in the background. McFadden's Lane is bisecting, diagnally,  the center of the photo, and is bisected by the Nashville Pike running left to right across the center of the photo.  The 26th OVI was positioned at the intersection of the  McFadden's Lane and the Nashville Pike, at the west edge of the Round Forest.
Closer view of 26th OVI Position at the Round Forest, taken from same perspective as photo above.
Inside the Round Forest looking west- Confederate advance was from the background through the field across the road.  The 26th Ohio was a key part of the Union center that held firm against the Confederate attack and thus saved the Union army from defeat.
Confederate position at Round Forest- looking west. Confederate forces advanced from the woods in the background across the field toward this position.  McFadden's Lane is on the right of the picture and the Nashville Pike is in the extreme foreground.  This is the perspective the 26th Ohio had of the Confederate advance.
26th OVI position at Round Forest- looking east from the Nashville Pike.  This is the exact position of the 26th.  McFadden's Lane is on left side of photo. Round Forest to the right side.  This location is directly across the Nashville Pike from the fields where the Confederates attacked.


        12/30 and early 12/31/62-
Initial position on the extreme left flank west bank of Stones River, just north of McFadden's Ford

          12/31 noon  Ordered to this position on the Nashville Pike, adjacent to the Round Forest.  Involved in the successful repel of four Confederate assaults to save the day. 26th OVI remained at this defensive position on 1/1 and 1/2 until the Confederate forces pulled out.

          Position and direction of the repeated Confederate assaults the afternoon of 12/31.  The Confederate army had pushed back the right wing to where the Army of the Cumberland was almost folded back upon itself.  However,the determined and successful  stand by the 26th Ohio and other union forces around the Round Forest prevented a devastating defeat.l