Operations in Middle Tennessee November, 1864 to January, 1865
                                         Second Brigade, Second Division.

November 1.--The brigade reached Stevenson, Ala., and moved by railroad to Athens, Ala.;
marched thence to Pulaski, Tenn., where it remained engaged in fortifying until the 22d, when we
marched to Lynnville and from there to Columbia. The enemy threatening the latter place, our
position near the town was fortified.

November 27.--At night crossed to north side of Duck River.
November 28.--Took position opposite the town.
November 29.--Resumed line of march toward Nashville. When nearing Spring Hill the enemy's
cavalry was discovered approaching the place. We double-quicked into position, and drove them
about half a mile, and remained in position around the town.
November 30.--At 4 a.m. we withdrew to Franklin, and were engaged in the bloody battle at that
place, in which the brigade lost over 25 per cent. The same night we withdrew to near Nashville,
where the end of the month finds us.
December 2.--The brigade encamped on the right of the Hillsborough turnpike, about two miles from
Nashville. The enemy threatening our position, a line of works was thrown up, behind which we
remained until the 15th, when the general assault was made on the enemy's lines. The position of this
brigade was on the left of the division.
December 15.--Took part in the storming of the strong redoubts to the left of the Hillsborough pike.
December 16.--Charged a heavy line of works near the Franklin pike, both of which positions were
carried, with the capture of a number of guns and prisoners, and without serious loss to ourselves.
The brigade has taken part in the pursuit of the enemy from Nashville, through Franklin, Columbia,
and Pulaski, Tenn, to Lexington, Ala., where the end of the month finds it.

Second Division.

November 1.--Broke camp at Chattanooga, and division embarked on trains for Athens, Ala., at
which place it arrived at daylight of the 2d; disembarked and marched three miles north; encamped
on Swan Creek.
November 3.--Marched to Roaring Spring.
November 4.--Crossed Elk River and marched to within four miles of Pulaski.
November 5.--Entered Pulaski in the morning, and was placed in position in the lines around the
town, where a strong line of works was constructed.
November 27.--Evacuated the town of Columbia and crossed Duck River after dark.
November 28.--Was placed in position on the Franklin pike, fronting the town of Columbia.
November 29.--Marched to Spring Hill and took up a position to cover the Franklin pike. At 4 p.m.
the enemy attacked our lines, and after an hour's severe fighting succeeded in driving back the Third
Brigade, which was on the right of the line, to the pike, not, however, until the entire wagon train of
the corps had passed into the town.
November 30.--An hour before daylight the division withdrew from the position around Spring Hill;
covered the retreat of the army to Franklin, at which place two brigades were placed in position in
front of the main line of works, with the First Brigade in reserve behind the works. About 4 p.m. the
enemy attacked the two brigades in front, falling back to the works by order. After engaging the
enemy from five to ten minutes at the works the troops were rallied, and, with the First Brigade,
assisted in repulsing the enemy. The division captured 733 prisoners and 12 battle-flags.
December 1 to 15.--The division remained intrenched before Nashville, its right joining the troops
commanded by Maj. Gen. A. J. Smith and its left connecting with the Third Division of the Fourth
Army Corps.
December 15.--The division participated in the assault upon the left and center of Hood's army,
carrying the rebel works in its front, and capturing flags, prisoners, and three pieces of artillery.
December 16.--In the continuation of the assault the division again carried the opposing
intrenchments, with prisoners and colors, bivouacking at night near Brentwood Pass, on the Franklin
December 17.--The division continued in pursuit of the enemy, with the remainder of the Fourth
Corps, through Franklin, Columbia, and Pulaski to Lexington, Ala., where it encamped at the close
of the month.
January 1, 1865.--The division marched from Lexington to Mount Rozell, Ala., where it remained in
camp until the 3d.
2nd Division Commander  General George D Wagner's Official Report
2nd Brigade Commander Colonel John Q Lane's Official Report
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