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 Pvt Jesse Mason  Co  C  
Pvt Benton Mason, Co C
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1st Lt Samuel Chesnut Co B
Corporal Daniel  Chesnut Co B
Pvt David Bragg   Co B
Pvt Harmon Tussing  Co H
Pvts Henry, Gilman, Doran, and George aka Solomon Houseworth,  Co C
Pvt Thomas Edward Davis, Co G
Pvts Alonzo and Andrew Clingan, Co K
Pvt Newton Olliver, Co C
Capt. William H Ross, Co C
Peter Carty  (Black Pete)
Wilson, Charles L, and Bloomfield Martin   Co C
Josephus F Doty  Co C
Alfred Weedon Co F
John Folkert, Co F
Benjamin Moss, Co G