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Source of Information:  Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the  War of the Rebellion,
1861-1866.  Vol III, Published by Authority of the General Assembly, 1886.
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Entries include:  name, regiment(s), date of enlistment, rank ( if indicated) , age ( if indicated), date of leaving
service and circumstances, and other known information.  
Note: The Official Roster contains a disclaimer
that the information for each soldier may be inaccurate or incomplete.  Even though great care was made to
insure accuracy, there are errors and omissions.

For example, for those soldiers listed as simply "mustered out at the end of their expiration of service", some
were not, in fact,  mustered out at that time.  In an attempt to clear up the rosters at the end of the War, by
Special Order # 77, soldiers whose status was unknown were simply listed as mustered out.  Indeed,  some
soldiers so listed were in fact languishing in Confederate prisons at the time of the expiration of their 3 year
enlistment;  this happened to my great, great, grandfather who is listed this way.  He finally received his
honorable discharge 8 months later after his release from the Rebel prisons.

I caught some errors  and made corrections, and will strive to make the record as accurate as possible.  If
you are aware of any mistakes, please let me know.  
Note:  Discharged with disability usually meant a
surgeon had certified the soldier was no longer able to serve, most usually due to a wound received in
Note: If no disposition is indicated, the soldier was likely missing in action.
Song on this page:  The Girl I Left Behind Me-  On every other of the alphabetical
pages, the song is either:  
The Girl I Left Behind Me, or Darling Nelly Gray.
                                    Ohio honors them with happy tears,
                the banners that they waved for her, the battles that they braved for her,
                 the glory that they craved for her, the freedom that they saved for her,
                                shall keep their laurels green a thousand years...

                                 Source:  The Ohio Soldier, Vol. 3 no. 20, 5/10/1890