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       More Photos-  Commanding Officers
              Major General George H Thomas
" Rock of Chickamauga "

Began command of the Army of the Cumberland  during Seige at Chattanooga (10/63)  and continued on through the Battle Of Nashville, 12/64.  Commanding General at the battles of: Missionary Ridge, Atlanta Campaign, Spring Hill TN, Franklin, and Nashville.
Photos: Courtesy of the US Library of Congress and       the US Army Military History Institute
Major General William Starke Rosecrans- Commanding General of the Army of the Cumberland from November, 1862 to October, 1863-  Commanding General during battles of Stones River, Chickamauga, and first half of seige at Chattanooga.
Major General William Tecumseh Sherman
Supreme Commander of the Western theater forces
  during the Atlanta Campaign, Summer , 1864

Brigadier General Thomas L Crittenden-
Corps Commander for the 26th OVI from Battle at   Perryville, October, 1862  through Battle of Chickamauga and initial period of the seige at Chattanooga, October, 1863.
                         PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN-
Major General John Schofield- Commander at the Battle of Spring Hill and Franklin, TN  November, 1864
Major General Henry Halleck- Commanded Western forces at Battle of Cornith, 1862
Major General Ulysses S Grant- Commander of all  Union forces in last half of the War
Brigadier General Thomas J Wood-
Division Commander over the 26th OVI  from the Battle of Shiloh through the Atlanta Campaign.  At the  Battle of Chickamauga- He obeyed Rosecran's infamous  order directing him to pull his division out that created the " Fatal Gap" that led to the Confederate victory. He also commanded the 4th Corps at the Battle of Nashville
Brigadier General George D Wagner- commanded the 2nd Division of the 4th Corps at Missionary Ridge, Atlanta Campaign, Spring Hill, Franklin and Nashville.  The 26th was part of the 2nd Brigade of the 2nd Division during these battles.
Major General Don Carlos Buell- Commander of the Army of the Ohio from January, 1862 to November, 1862
General Phillip Sheridan-
2nd Division Commander during the seige at Chattanooga and the  victorious Missionary Ridge Advance, November, 1863
Photo courtesy of the National Archives
                                  General Milo Hascall-
     15th Brigade Commander from January, 1862, through January, 1863.  Commander  at Battles of  Lawrenceburg, Shiloh, Perryville, and Stones River
General William "Bull"  Nelson-
Corps Commander with Army of the Ohio- Led the 26th OVI into Nashville, Feb 1862- Killed Sept, 1862 by fellow Union General Jefferson C  Davis at Louisville, Ky
General John Newton- 2nd Division Commander of the 4th Corps during the Atlanta Campaign starting April, 1864
General David S Stanley- 4th Corps Commander during the last half of the Atlanta Campaign and the Battles at Spring Hill and Franklin. He was wounded at the Battle of Franklin
                     General Oliver O. Howard-
      Commanded the Army of the Cumberland's 4th Corps            during the first half of the Atlanta Campaign, starting in April, 1864
General Gordon Granger- Commanded the  4th Corps of the Army of the Cumberland
at the  Battle of Missionary Ridge and during the initial months of 1864
Colonel  Edward P Fyffe- 1st Commander of the 26th Ohio- led the regiment in rout of Forrest's Calvary at McMinnville, Tenn
Colonel William H Young- Commanded the Regiment at Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge
Lt Col Ephraim R Eckley- Promoted to Colonel of the 80th OVI. Led the 26th Ohio during the western Virginia campaigns, 1861
Major Christopher M Degenfeld
General Jacob D Cox- Commander of the Kanawha Brigade, western Virginia- 1861 . In 1864, he was the Division Commander at the Battles of Spring Hill and Franklin.
Colonel William H Young- top photo taking in 1894- lower photo taken in 1864 Photo courtesy of Jan Rader
Col George P Buell- commanded the     First Brigade, 1st Division, 21st Corps    at Chickamauga