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26 th OVVI  Photos Index
Regimental Flag of the 26th Ohio- the triangle was the insignia of the 4th Corps, symbolizing the 4th         Corps being formed out of the previous 20th and 21st Corps in October, 1863 at Chattanooga after the Battle of Chickamauga. The 26th OVI belonged to the 2nd Division of the 4th Corps.  The 2nd Division was identified by the white background on the triangle. Source:  Ohio Historical Society archives
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26th OVI Regiment Reunion-  The exact date and location of the photo is unknown. Most likely, however, it was taken during the regiment's annual reunion either 1885 at Chillicothe or 1887 at Ashley.  Source of information: 1888 Roster of Survivors Booklet.
Note the triangle sign in the center of the photo  that reads: "26 OVVI". ( Probably same sign used in flag photo below.)
The triangle represents the insignia of the 4th Corps.   Note the five regimental flags furled in salute position. Note the wives and children in the photo. There are 48 veterans in the photo.
Source:  Ohio Historical Society archives.
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