Perryville Battlefield Location Photos
The 26th OVI was part of the 2nd Corps under General Thomas Crittenden at
the Battle of Perryville, Kentucky. The 2nd Corps occupied the right flank
being located in the area north of Lebanon Pike and south of the Springfield
Pike.  The  battle action began  at the opposite flank approximately 1 mile to
the north, with the 1st Corps under General McCook.  For what ever reason,
the 2nd Corps of nearly 22,000 men was not ordered to get involved in the
action until the day was nearly over.

At the end of the battle on October 8, 1862, the 2nd Corps was ordered to
advance northeastward into Perryville, but only found Confederate rear action
troops as Bragg's Confederate army had decided to retreat towards
Harrodsburg.  The photos below are of the probable position of the 2nd Corps
being taken just southwest of Perryville, south of the Springfield Pike and north
of the Lebanon Pike.
2nd Corps position looking north from Lebanon Pike.
Perryville is in right background.  Most of the battle occurred due
north from this position.
2nd Corps postion looking south from Springfield Pike.  Perryville
is to the left of the picture.
Squire Bottom House- looking south-  a major part of
the battle occurred around this location.  The 2nd Corps
position was further south 3/4 mile.