26th Ohio  Movement Map
Track the movement of the 26th Ohio throughout the Civil War 1861-1865- Follow the movement using the
                             Civil War period map courtesy of the US Library of Congress
( Blue as part of Army of the Ohio; Black as part of the Army of the Cumberland)
( Path is intermingled at various points- use black arrows to follow on correct route)

            26th Ohio musters in at Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio, June-July, 1861. Travels by train to Cincinnati
and                     then by steamboat up the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers to Charleston, western Virginia.

            First engagements in Boone and Fayette Counties,
Western Virginia, August-December, 1861

            Transferred to Army of the Ohio,
Louisville, KY - January, 1862

Nashville, Tennessee - February, 1862

            Engagement at
Lawrenceburg, Tennessee- April, 1862- moves onto Shiloh Battlefield

            Among the first regiments to enter
Cornith, Mississippi- May, 1862

            Traverses across
Alabama to Stevenson- just west of Chattanooga- June-July, 1862

             Routs Forrest's Cavalry outside
McMinnville, Tennessee, August, 1862

             Army of Ohio moves back to
Louisville in pursuit of Army of the Tennessee- Sept, 1862

             Present at the
Battle of Perryville, Ky, but minimally engaged, October, 1862.

London, Ky, pursuit ends- returns to Nashville via Bowling Green, October, 1862

             Returns to
Nashville. Army renamed Army of the Cumberland. November, 1862

Battle of Stones River, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. December, 1862- January, 1863

              After taking circuitous route, 21st Corps enters
Chattanooga, Tennessee September, 1863

Battle of Chickamauga. The bloodiest engagement the 26th OVI September, 1863.

              Retreat back to Chattanooga, 6 week long seige, and
Missionary Ridge, Sept-Nov.1863

              Advances towards
Knoxville to support Burnside against Longstreet, Dec.1863
               Reenlists as a Veteran Regiment at Blain's Crossroads, January 1, 1864.

              Northern Georgia Campaign- the bloodiest at
Kennesaw Mountain, June, 1864.

              Seige, Battle, and capture of
Atlanta, Georgia.  August, 1864.

Spring Hill, Tennessee, November 29, 1864, and Franklin, November 30, 1864.

               Battle of
Nashville, Tennessee, December 15-16, 1864.

               Pursuit of retreating Confederate army ends at
Huntsville. Ala- winter Qtrs 1864-65. In early spring, 1865,
t                  travels to mountains of eastern Tennessee to block any attempt by Lee's Army to escape out of Virginia.
In                     May, moves back to Nashville.

               In June, 1865, transferred to
Texas where mustered out in October, 1865.