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Missionary Ridge Battlefield Photos and Maps
Western slope of Missionary Ridge as taken from Orchard Knob.  26th OVI attacked to the right center of the photo. Black arrow marks the approximate location.
Western slope of Missionary Ridge taken from below where the Ohio Reservation is located on the crest of the ridge.  Photo on the left was taken approximately 1/2 way down the 600 foot ridge, the one on the right approximately 100 feet from the crest.  Following Historian James McPherson's advice that one needs  to walk the battlefields to get the best perspective of what transpired there ,  I climbed, at a moderate pace, up the ridge, starting about 300 feet below the crest of the ridge.  It took me 2 minutes to climb the rest of the way to the crest of the ridge, and by the time I got to the top I was totally fagged out ( even though I am in reasonable shape!).

I was able to experience first hand the 60 degree steep grade and the height of the ridge.  For the soldiers to have done this, while being shot at by musket and artillery is absolutely mind boggling!  In the case of the 26th Ohio and other regiments of Sheridan's Division, this was done on two occasions as they were ordered back off the ridge after they had already climbed halfway to the top; only to again be ordered to climb again; all the while under intense musket and artillery fire!
26th OVI marker on Missionary Ridge, 121 S Crest Road. Marker is located in the front yard of a private residence approximately 1/4 mile south of the Ohio Reservation.  Marker reads:

                                                  26th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
                                   Wagner's Brigade, Sheridan's Division, 4th Corps
                                                   Lieut. Col. William H Young
                                                        November 25, 1863

" The regiment took part in the operations of November 23rd against the enemy's general line in the plain.  With its brigade it was prominent in the assault on Missionary Ridge, reaching the summit in this vicinity and at once advanced in pursuit.  Near the eastern base the regiment, under Maj. W. H. Squires, with the 15th Indiana, Maj. Frank White, both commanded by Lieut. Col. Young, captured a six gun battery, and again advancing took part in the attack on the enemy's rear guard, captured two guns.  Casualties: Killed, 2 men; Wounded, 5 officers, 29 men; total, 36."
Ohio Reservation Monument on N Crest Road- overlooks Chattanooga Valley to the west.
                  Map of Assault on Missionary Ridge- blue line depicts 26th OVI Movement

On Nov 23, 26th OVI advanced from this entrenched position and helped rout the Confederates from their forward line at Orchard Knob and Indian Hill.  The new position is marked by number.

26th OVI begins 1 mile assault under artillery fire from top of Missionary Ridge  across open plain towards          Confederate rifle pits.  Starting position is southwest  of  Orchard Knob.  Two days earlier, the 26th OVI advanced to this position routing the Confederate forces from Orchard Knob and Indian Hill.

Regiment begins first ascent.  Advances halfway up the ridge under artillery and musket fire when                              ordered to retire back to the rifle pits at the base of the ridge due to General Granger's misunderstanding of                      orders.

Regiment receives clarifying orders from General Sheridan to scale the ridge again. 

Regiment ascends for the second time and scales the 600 foot ridge  at this point and immediately advances                      eastward and down the ridge in pursuit of  the retreating Confederate forces.  26th OVI marker is located at                     this point.

Regiment captures 6 gun Confederate battery at eastern base of Missionary Ridge.

Regiment continues in pursuit of retreating forces along Crutchfield Road, and while engaged with rear guard                    action, captures two more Confederate cannons.

Large View Map of Missionary Ridge Assault
                  Close Up View
Crutchfield Road
Crutchfield Road
Orchard Knob
Orchard Knob