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Franklin, Tenn. Battlefield Locations Photos
Marker on Columbia Pike south of Franklin, describing the 26th Ohio's Forward Line with Col John Lane's Brigade under General Wagner's Division. This position was especially vulnerable and resulted in heavy casualties.
Looking West from the  Forward Line Marker showing approximate position of the 26th Ohio.
Federal Main Entrenchment Area- looking southeast.  Carter House is due north of this position. This position is approximately 1/2 mile north of the 26th Ohio's initial forward line position.
Looking North was Winstead Hill towards Franklin Tenn. Columbia Pike bisects the photo in the center from top to bottom. This is the view the Confederate forces had as they launched their series of ill fated assaults on the entrenched Federal lines. The measured distance from this location to the main federal entrenchments was 1.8 miles. The blue arrow shows the 26th Ohio initial position at the Forward Line and the black arrow shows the main Union entrenchment line just south of the Carter House.
Carter House - Smokehouse- south wall- note the brick wall is riddled with bullets, and the artillery shots that hit the edge of the wall in two locations
Above photos taken by Descendant Evan Kuntsler.  This is the exact location of the 26th Ohio's forward position at the start of the battle of Franklin.  Location is approximately 400 yards southwest of the Carter House. Left photo is looking west towards Carter's Creek Pike.  The right photo is looking east towards the Columbia Pike with the Library building on the right side of the photo.