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Chickamauga Battlefield Location Photos and Map
Crawfish Spring located in the town of Chickamauga, GA- Five miles due south of Battlefield- Union hospital located close by- Union headquarters the week prior to the battle was only 100 yds to the west
Dyer Field looking south in the direction of the Confederate advance- first battle line position of the 26th after the Confederate breakthrough at Brotherton Cabin woods
Ditch in west Viniard Field- looking south- read Col Young's Report for its significance
Ditch in west Viniard Field-looking east-  26th Ohio Monument is in middle background- see blue arrow
Horseshoe Ridge-looking southeast towards Dyer Field-  most likely area where 26th Ohio made their final stand as something of a cohesive unit- it is attached to Snodgrass Hill- from here some of the regiment retreated toward Rossville while others moved northeastward to join General Thomas and the remaining Union forces on Snodgrass Hill
Western slope of Dyer Field- looking east- 26th Ohio monument is in the center of the photo- this is where 26th Ohio tried in vain to fight off the Confederate onslaught at noon on 9/20/63.
Brotherton Cabin- Brigade marker where 26th Ohio was stationed prior to ordered pull out - " the fatal order"- Juggernaught Confederate forces charged across this field and routed the Union center- note Cabin in the center background
Viniard Field- approximate fence location on west side of Lafayette Road. Viniard Farm house was located in the trees in the middle ground
Viniard Field looking northeast from Lafayette Road- 26th Ohio monument is at left edge of photo   ( as indicated by the blue arrow)
Brotherton Cabin- looking west at 26th Ohio's position  at the edge of the woods ( marked by the blue diamond)- Photo taken from the Cabin- this is perpective the advancing Confederate army had on the 20th
Dry Valley Road Position-looking south- not road on left edge of photo 26th Ohio encamped on this knoll early am 9/20 before being ordered to the Brotherton location.
Lee and Gordon's Mill- looking northeast- West Chickamauga Creek is to the right. 26th Ohio held this position in the few days prior to the battle and double quicked from this position the pm of 9/19/63 northward 1 1/2 miles to Viniard Field
Bluff above and west of Lee and Gordon's Mill. This is where the 26th Ohio encamped
Marker in front yard of Gordon Lee's Mansion, Town of Chickamauga- located across the street from Crawfish Springs. Marker describes the Union hospital locations in the immediate vicinity
Marker on Dry Valley Road describing Buell's Brigades' encampment am 9/20/63.
Viniard Field looking east from the western edge where the battery positions were located.  This was where the 26th OVI regrouped before making its final successful advance that held the position in the east Viniard field for the night of the 19th.The 26th Ohio Monument is in the center of the photo ( highlighted by the blue diamond).  The ditch is just below as marked by the black arrow.  Distance across the field is approximately 1/3 mile.
Shagbark Hickory tree in woods north of east Viniard Field- this tree is likely one of the few trees remaining that were around at the time of the battle- this assumption is based on the tree's height scientifically calculated to be at least 100 feet, chest level trunk girth of 8 ft 9 in, and the fact that shagbark hickories are very slow growers. The tree is estimated to be at least 200  years old.
                        MAP OF


        9/18-9/19  Lee & Gordon's Mill

       9/19 3:00 pm- Viniard Field- location of 26th OVI Monument- First battle position and final position at dusk

         9/19 4:30 pm-
Viniard Field Ditch location

          9/19  6:00 pm-
west edge of Glenn Field where 26th Ohio rallied and made final attack eastward.

         9/19- night - 9/20 am.
Brief encampment along the Dry Valley Road

        9/20 am position-
woods west of Brotherton Cabin. At 11:00 am, ordered to vacate and march northward along with rest of Wood's Division, thus creating the " Fatal Gap".

Dyer Field- location of 26th Ohio monument where regiment made determined stand against the overwhelming Confederate breakthrough

Horseshoe Ridge- probable location of final position of remnants of the 26th Ohio   before some retreated to Rossville and some joined in successful defense on Horseshoe Ridge.