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26th Ohio Monuments at Chickamauga Battlefield
Front View of  Regimental Monument at East Viniard Field Battle area, just off Lafayette Rd- looking east- woods behind are where the Confederate advance took place- there are  26 blocks circling  the base that are inscribed:  "1000 Rounds, 58 cal".  This is the site of the bloodiest day the 26th faced during the entire war.
Rear view of the monument at East Viniard Field Battle area just off Lafayette Road- looking west- in the background is the West Viniard Field and Viniard Farm area -  the inscription on the monument reads:
"This regiment, Col. Wm H. Young commanding, occupied a position at Lee and Gordon's Mill, from the afternoon of Sept. 18, 1863, till about 3:00 pm on Sept. 19,  when it was ordered at double quick to this position.  It went into action at this place about 4:00 p.m. and continued in action,  the line alternately advancing and receding, till about 6:00 pm.   Sept. 20, it first occupied a position near the Brotherton House, till about 11:00 am when it was ordered with the rest of the division to the left at double quick.   While executing this movement by the flank, it was struck by the advancing enemy and forced to the ridge near Vidito place.  It rallied and fought until it lost connection with the rest of the army and finally retired to Rossville.   Number engaged:  Commissioned Officers 23, enlisted men 354.  Loss:  Killed, Officers 5, enlisted men 23, Wounded:  Officers 6, enlisted men 133, captured or missing 45.  Aggregate 212.  Most of this occurred on the 19th.
        East  Viniard Field Area
         Brotherton Field Area
              Dyer Field
East Viniard Field- looking Northeast.  26th Ohio Regiment monument is at the left hand side of the picture.  This is at the intersection of Viniard Road and Lafayette Road.  Regiment marker is in the left center of the picture.  The tablet further identifies the Confederate forces involved at Viniard Field as Robertson's and Benning's Brigade of Law's Division.  The tablet states further:  "  Upon repulse of Davis' troops in front it charged forward, and after hard fighting was forced back across the low ground to the west of the road.  There  the brigade  ( George P. Buell's ) rallied and retook the ground of its first advance.   Under a charge from the enemy it was again driven back to the road, but immediately advanced and regained its ground.  A final assault of the enemy was repulsed and the brigade line advanced a short distance...The brigade formed in two lines and lay on its arms until 3 am Sept. 20, when it moved to a position north of Widow Glenn's.
Looking east from the regiment's position on Sept 20th at 11:00 am.  Brotherton cabin is visible across the field.  The Confederate forces, under command of General Longstreet were stacked in the woods directly east.  Tablet identifies the Brigade regiments and lists the Brigade stats as:  1,445 , Killed 79, Wounded  443, Captured or missing   129, total of 651.  Percentage of loss, 45.05
Taken at Brotherton cabin looking west toward  the 26th OVI regiment's position in the edge of the woods. The tablet marker is barely visible in the center of the photo.   Dyer  Road is to the right side of the picture.  This is the location of the Confederate break through after Wood's Divison was ordered to vacate this position.  This break through led to the Confederates victory at Chickamauga.
Dyer Field- looking east toward Vittitoe Road- Photo taken at top of hill where Union Artillery were firing at the Confederates advancing in the front and to the right of the photo.  The 26th took a position on this slope and tried to fight back the overwhelming Confederate onslaught.
Regimental Monument located on west  slope at Dyer Field  Marker reads:  26th Regiment Ohio Infantry  Buell's Brigade  12: M, Sept 20th, 1863
Controversial History of the 26th Ohio Monument