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Battle of Chickamauga - Excerpts from A Historical Sketch: Lest We Forget
                           by Captain Walden Kelly Co E, 26th OVI
Source of Information:  History of Morrow County and Captain Kelly's descendant, Paul Kelly
September 19, 1863, Chickamauga

" Over half of the company had fallen in two or three hours of desperate fighting, not as Greek met Greek, but as Americans met Americans, so view the field, ye good people of Morrow County; stand by that monument erected by the great State of Ohio to the memory of the Twenty-sixth, two hundred and twelve of whom fell in that bloody battle- three fourths of them undoubtedly on the Vineyard {sic} Farm.  Then, but a few yards away, see the one erected by the State of Georgia in memory of the Twentieth Regiment of Infantry, Confederate States of America, and read the inscription on it 'this regiment went into battled {sic} with 23 officers and of this number 17 were killed and wounded..."

"We were holding our own and gradually gaining, with full confidence that we were whipping or gaining the fight. During this period of time our division and brigade commanders were sending orders for us to fall back...our left flank was being turned...but orders were slow in reaching us. Horses could not live on that bloody field, our regimental field officers were quickly dismounted and in the furry of that musketry the word had to be passed along the line that our flank was exposed and we must retreat across the field. Gradually that line moved back to the road where all could see the line of gray already swinging across the open to our left.......We had contended for the position of that road for hours, without protection of any kind at very close range, and as the sun closed its gaze by passing by passing behind the western hills, we were masters of the situation. Over half the company had fallen in two or three hours, desperate fighting, not as Greek meets Greek, but as Americans meet Americans."