The 26th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry Regimental History Book
Note: A third edition is underway and will be published in early 2020.  The third edition will be
an expanded edition with many more primary sources, burial sites, photos, and maps.  
At this
time, the
second and expanded edition of the 26th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry: the Groundhog
is available. That edition was published in September, 2013.  The original edition published
in 2010 is no longer available for printing, but may be purchased from secondary markets.  The second
edition contains all of the information in the original edition plus many more primary source material,
an expanded photo gallery, and an updated list of burial sites.

A brief synopsis on how the book came to be written:

Jeffrey A. Hill, webmaster of the 26th OVVI web site, announced on August 7, 2007 that he was
writing the regimental history of the 26th Ohio. The title of the book is:  
"The 26th Ohio Veteran
Volunteer Infantry- The Groundhog Regiment."
 The veterans of the 26th OVVI were unable to
fulfill their dream to write a definitive regimental history. After spending years discussing and planning
to do so, in 1895 the veterans finally decided that they did not have the financial means to pay for the
cost of publishing. By late 1890s, those who were still alive, were in their late 50s, 60s, or even 70s.
Many were unable to pursue a gainful living after the war due to the injuries and illnesses they suffered
as a result of the War. Many of them were struggling to survive on the meager pension provided to
them for their service in the War.

The veterans did leave a wealth of information in the form of company histories, letters and diaries. In
addition, excellent supporting source material, six trips to the battlefields and following the regiments'
trek during the war, and other research provide the information needed to write a regimental history
that they would have been proud to call their own. And hopefully, their descendants' will also find the
history informative and inspiring.

The manuscript was completed in May, 2010, and the first published books arrived in September,
2010. Hill received the first copy of the book on September 1, 2010.The 23 chapter, 800 page history
included initially 80 photos, an updated roster, burial sites, 17 maps and illustrations, and an index.
Feedback and professional reviews has been very positive.

A half page color display ads for the book is in the
Blue & Gray Magazine Issue XXVII, # 4, 2010.     
The book was featured in the Winter, 2011 Issue of the
Civil War Book Review, Louisiana State
University, and listed in the Feb/March 2011 issue of
Civil War News. The book was the featured title
in the "General's Store" of the
Blue & Gray Magazine, Issue XXVII, No. 5, "150th Anniversary: The
Battle of First Manassas" Issue.

A review of the book is in the April, 2011 issue of the national periodical publication,
Civil War News,
p.46. The review is titled, "Overdue 26th Ohio Infantry History Thoroughly Researched, Well Done."
Professor Jonathan Noyalas, the reviewer concluded the three column review with the following lines:
"Impressively researched and soundly written, Hill's 26th Ohio regimental history preserves the
regiment's legacy, but does so in a way that is appealing to historians interested in more than the
regiment or Ohio's role in the Civil War. With broad appeal, Hill's book is a fitting tribute to a
long-forgotten regiment."

The  second edition of the book can now be purchased from the publisher:, as well
from many major online retailers including: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google ebooks,,
Borders, Ingram's, and Alibris to name just a few. The regular retail purchase price is $36.95. I am
offering signed copies at a discount price of only $29.95 per book plus Ohio sales tax (if applicable)
and $6 shipping and handling. To order an author's signed copy at a discount, go to the Order Book

ISBN: Paperback 978-1-4520-3387-7
ISBN: eBook       978-1-4520-3388-4
OCLC:  663740948

For more information, write to Jeffrey Hill @

The book is now available for checkout and/or in-house research at
73 libraries, including these 21
academic institutions
: The Ohio State University, Capital University (Ohio), Ohio University, Miami
University (Ohio), Ashland University (Ohio), Kent State University (Ohio) , Kenyon College (Ohio),
Wilmington College (Ohio), West Virginia University, Louisiana State University, University of
Georgia, University of Kentucky, Lord Fairfax Community College (Virginia), University of Wisconsin,
University of Tennessee, Marshall University (West Virginia), Auburn University (Alabama), Eastern
Michigan University, Bowling Green State University (Ohio), the United States Army Military History
Institute (Pennsylvania), and Utah Valley University.

The book is available as well at the following
35 public libraries: State Library of Ohio, Columbus
Metropolitan Library, Dayton Metropolitan Library, Southeastern Ohio Library Center,
Porter-Westlake (Ohio) Public Library, Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County,
Cuyahoga County Public Library (Fairview Park Branch), Guernsey County (Ohio) Library, Galion
(Ohio) Public Library, Mt.Gilead (Ohio) Public Library, Champaign County (Ohio) Library, Caldwell
(Ohio) Public Library, Granville (Ohio) Public Library, Schiappa Branch Library (Steubenville, Ohio),
Westerville (Ohio) Public Library, Bucyrus (Ohio) Public Library, Cardington-Lincoln (Ohio) Public
Library, Middletown (Ohio) Public Library, West Chester (Ohio) Public Library, Upper Arlington
(Ohio) Public Library, Kate Love Simpson Morgan County (Ohio) Library, Lane Public Library
(Hamilton, Ohio), Delaware County (Ohio) District Library, Wornstaff Memorial Public Library
(Ashley, Ohio), Massillon  (Ohio) Public Library, Warren-Trumbull County (Ohio) Library,
Portsmouth (Ohio) Public Library, Elyria (Ohio) Public Library, the Public Library of Cincinnati and
Hamilton County, the Stark County (Ohio) District Library, Newark (Ohio) Public Library, Southwest
Public Libraries (Grove City, Ohio), Akron-Summit County (Ohio) Public Library, London (Ohio)
Public Library, and the
U.S. Library of Congress (Jefferson or Adams Building Reading Rooms),
Washington, D.C.

The book is in the collections of
eleven historical and/or genealogical societies', and private
museums for in-house research: Ohio History Center (Columbus), Ohio Genealogical Society,
Wisconsin Historical Society, Delaware Co. (Ohio) Genealogical Society, Madison Co. (Ohio)
Historical Society, Mahoning Valley (Ohio) Historical Society, Ross Co.(Ohio) Historical Society
(McKell Library), Blackford Co. (Indiana) Historical Society, Champaign Co. (Ohio) Historical
Society, Rippavilla Plantation (Spring Hill, Tennessee), and the Family Research International- Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Utah).  

The book is in the research libraries of
six national military parks and historic sites:  Andersonville
(Georgia) National Historic Site, Chattanooga-Chickamauga (Tennessee/Georgia) National Military
Park, Kennesaw Mountain (Georgia) National Military Park, Shiloh (Tennessee) National Military
Park, Corinth (Mississippi) National Military Park, and the Stones River (Tennessee) National Military

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State Library of Ohio Archives
On the shelves of The Ohio State University Thompson Library/6th
Floor, my graduate degree Alma Mater. Note: OSU converted the
book into a hard bound copy while retaining the front and back cover
images. The Library of Congress, West Virginia University, and the
University of Tennessee converted the book also into hard bound
copies to help preserve it.
Two copies on the shelves at the
library of my undergraduate Alma
Mater:  Capital University. Columbus